48V 10A/8A Charger | Suitable for Electric Bike

INR 3200

36 months Warranty; With IEC Connector | With Aluminum Casing

Electric vehicles have different types of chargers for multiple types of electric vehicles. Apart from the AC & DC Charging, Electric vehicle chargers can be further classified based on the charging guns. There are three main types of EV charging. IEC 60309 Industrial Connecter – One of the earlier recommendation of Bharat EV charger specification was IEC 60309 Industrial connector that was suggested to be used from both ends.

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Type 2 Charger – The Type 2 Charger provides faster chargers and is compatible with both AC and DC charging systems. These types of chargers work with three-phase input power systems.

The Input power can manage between 7.4 kW to 43 kW with a 400-volt AC supply. Such types of chargers are usually installed for home as charging time is faster and also as it is compatible with vehicles with CCS plugs. It among the prominent standards in the Indian market and can also be perceived as the revised version of Type 1 EV charging.

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3 reviews for e-Charge Chargers

  1. avatar

    Mike Owo

    - Novemeber 14, 2018

    e-Charge products are very useful. They are durable, reliable and well-rated for outdoor use. A separate holster for the connector is included, which can be convenient if the logical storing location for the holster is separate from the device itself.

  2. avatar

    Lee Brish

    - September 15, 2020

    Compact and stylish, the Chargepoint Home Flex EV Charger connects to Wi-Fi and to Nest thermostats. By working with Nest it can provide a useful report on your monthly energy usage.

  3. avatar

    Tony James

    - January 12, 2021

    It has a clean interface with three lights to show power, charging, or fault. The enclosure is rated at NEMA 4, meaning it is great for outdoor installations.

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